Typewriter Repair! Are you nuts, who uses typewriters?

typewriter repair really old
The use of typewriters, whether it be for nostalgic display reasons, or for those writers who long for the feel of the keys that were part of their muse are still around. Which is why you need a Typewriter Repair service for your old faithful machine.

The old reliable typewriter is going strong and deserve the attention that they will receive from us.
 typewriter repair not so old
Yes, our technicians are old enough to remember them fondly… and more importantly can fix them to new condition.

This old faithful was the foundation of our company, the product that our founder John Baker cut his teeth on.

If you have a typewriter that you wished refurbished and tweaked a little bring them to us, we’ll be glad to help.
Our typewriter repair service is just what your looking for!

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